Best Chainsaws For Cutting Firewood In 2023

Best Chainsaws For Cutting Firewood 2022

People have long used firewood to create fire, and it’s still being utilized in the modern world to help with heating.

These days we are more used to many new tools which improve our lives in a wide variety of ways, including firewood cutting. Using the best chainsaws for cutting firewood can help with the process.

Choosing a decent chainsaw specifically for cutting firewood isn’t a simple matter, however. You need to note many aspects of the chainsaw, including the dimensions, cutting power, and compatibility.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered here for you a list of what we consider the best chainsaws for cutting firewood, along with their reviews.

So, let’s get into it.

5 Best Chainsaws For Cutting Firewood Reviews

ImageNameTypeBar LengthPowerWeight
Husqvarna 460 RancherHusqvarna 460 RancherGas-powered20 Inch60.3 cc12.4 pounds
Remington RM4618Remington RM4618Gas-powered18 inch46 cc 11 pounds
Poulan Pro PR5020Poulan Pro PR5020Gas-powered20 inch50 cc7.5 pounds
Worx WG384Worx WG384Battery-powered14 inch40V8.8 pounds
Oregon CS1500Oregon CS1500Corded-electric18 inch15 Amp12.3 pounds
Craftsman CMXGSAMA421SCraftsman CMXGSAMA421SGas-powered18 inch42 cc12.4 pounds

1. Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

When it comes to the best chainsaw for cutting firewood, Husqvarna is a name that you can’t just forget. It’s a very famous brand well-known for its consistently high-quality products.

With this 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, Husqvarna makes its mark and delivers on its promises of good engineering and customer care.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher will be one of the most impressive units that you will ever have gotten hold of.

Its maximum power speed can reach 9000 RPM, with a guide bar, chain, and a max torque of 3.4 Nm for a wide variety of operations.

There’s a 2-cycle engine with an inertia activated chain brake for safety purposes.

It has a very beautiful and ergonomic body that gives utmost comfort and easier handling in terms of design.

But it’s a little heavy so you might need some time to get used to it, plus you also need sufficient physical strength to work with it more efficiently. But in general, cutting firewood is already a great exercise in itself.

Beyond the side-mount tensioner, which is easy to access, there’s also a quick-release air filter to make the unit’s maintenance easier.

The start is fast and assured to work under any and all-weather, which makes the chainsaw such a dependable tool at any time and for many applications.

  • Robust, versatile chainsaw
  • X-Torq engine for low emissions and fuel consumption
  • Inertia activated chain brake for safety
  • Easy-access side-chain tensioner
  • Centrifugal air cleaning system, quick release air filter for easy maintenance
  • A bit heavy

2. Remington RM4618 Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle

Remington RM4618 Outlaw 46cc 2-Cycle

Remington is what you get if Husqvarna is not available. Indeed, it’d be a huge amiss for any list of best chainsaws for cutting firewood not to feature any product from Remington.

While being at a lower price than the Husqvarna 460 chainsaw, this RM4618 Gas Powered Chainsaw from Remington delivers a strong performance and can be the next best choice.

This is a great tool to help you slice through wood with amazing ease. Although it doesn’t stand out in terms of power, what makes it unique is its versatile set of high-performance features.

Especially the quickstart technology designed for quicker, smoother, and easier pull starts.

Along with the versatility in operation, it’s lightweight while being heavy-duty and durable, able to withstand the most rigorous tasks.

The die-cast chassis and pro-grade components engineering will make the chainsaw your favorite woodworking tool for a long time and worth your money.

There’s an automatic oiler to keep the proper amount of lubricant on the chain in terms of safety, ensuring smooth and safe cuts.

The 5-point anti-vibration system with a cushioned full wrap handle adds balance and maneuverability to the operation. With it, you have the optimal combination of comfortability and command during usage.

  • Versatile applications
  • Quickstart Technology for easier starting
  • Durable, die-cast chassis
  • Automatic oiler for easy lubrication
  • 5-point anti-vibration system to take vibrations out of the handle
  • Relative lacking in power compared to others such as Husqvarna
  • Sometimes leaks chain oil

3. Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

If you’re willing to spend a bit more and are sure that you will have use for the chainsaw for a long time to come, then Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw might be the good choice.

This gas chainsaw comes with the engine technology OxyPower, which gives you power for any task you want to use it for.

It offers a powerful engine, with fewer emissions and efficient fuel consumption. If you’re worried about the price tag, this is sure to help take back your money spent in no time at all.

There’s also an effortless starting system to reduce about 30% of the pull force. This helps you not exert as much effort as usual and reduces wear and tear as the chain saw becomes more energy-efficient for its starts.

Some other features include a combi tool in the rear handle for easy maintenance, a purge bulb to make the product easier to start with fewer pulls.

Also, a user-friendly combined choke/stop control for faster starting and greater reliability. Engine flooding risks are also reduced.

  • OxyPower engine technology for fewer emissions and lower fuel consumption
  • Inertia-activated chain brake to stop the chain if there’s sudden kickback
  • Side-mounted tensioning system allows for chain adjustments during usage
  • Automatic oiler to keep the bar and chain lubricated
  • Combined choke/stop control
  • Quite expensive
  • Need more manual cleaning when weak air filter systems

4. Worx WG384 Cordless Chainsaw

Worx WG384 Cordless Chainsaw

If you want something more portable and suitable for light work, consider this model from Worx: The WG384 Cordless Chainsaw.

It’s not as powerful as gas chainsaws and uses batteries, which have limitations of their own, but if you’re specifically seeking something that’s more lowkey and just as dependable, it’s perfect.

Despite its being of a different type of chainsaw, the model is still very durable. It has a dynamic brushless motor designed for long-lasting power and performance, which helps you tackle any tough job for a long time.

The battery that it uses is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, which helps save more money and power.

There’s also a battery level indicator to show you precisely how much charge is left so that you can plan out your woodworking. This allows you to do your work calculatedly and efficiently with constant time checking and scheduling.

It comes with a tool-free chain tightening to help create more efficient, quick cuts. In this way, you will always have the right tension and torque for each job.

The blade also always has the optimum amount of oil for a smooth-running operation, extending the tool’s life, the blade, and the chain.

  • Easy use for beginners
  • Automated chain tensioning for more efficient cuts
  • Battery level indicator provides comfort during usage
  • Automated chain lubrication to keep everything well lubricated
  • Less power than gas chainsaws
  • Not suitable cut large tree

5. Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chainsaw

For newcomers and those with a limited budget who are hesitant to shed out more for other products, this Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw is a great choice.

It has a very attractive price, which on its own can be the main attraction, but it’s also, in fact, one of the best electric chainsaws out there in general.

The CS1500 is the only corded electric chainsaw out there that includes a chain that can sharpen itself. Although it’s relatively affordable, it doesn’t lack in power compared to any other of its competitors.

This chainsaw contains all the usual, traditional electric saws, namely the instant start with a trigger’s pull, easy and comfortable maintenance, low noise, and great silencing.

Along with the mentioned built-in PowerSharp chain sharpening system, this is a great piece of equipment.

The chainsaw stays oiled with the Lubri-Tec oiling system for great reduction of chain friction and increases the chainsaw’s run time.

There’s no assembly required, and with the instant start capability, you can get it ready and running as soon as it’s delivered to your home.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Built-in PowerSharp chain sharpening system to sharp chain by itself
  • Easy instant start
  • Low noise during operation
  • Grip handle with handguard for comfort
  • Can not use for larger operation
  • Need electric sockets to use, limit space active

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood

There are a few more factors that you must consider thoroughly before deciding on a purchase.

The best chainsaws for cutting firewood can either be something that satisfies your needs or something that fits well with your budget. You must go over everything first before choosing a product.

best chainsaws for cutting firewood
  • Types

This is one of the first things people think of regarding any product, not just the chainsaws. But when it comes to chainsaws, people tend to think more of the traditional gas-powered models.

They’ve been here longer and generally are more powerful with longer cutting bars than their battery-powered and electric equivalent. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are the best.

A lot of modern battery-powered chainsaws are just as powerful and reliable. With improved technology, they are also getting better as well, being quieter and lighter, more portable and versatile.

There’s also less maintenance needed when it comes to battery-powered chainsaws, which might be a huge plus.

With the same sizes, both types of chainsaws offer about the same amount of power. However, for larger operations, gas saws might take the cake. That being said, as mentioned, if you want portability, battery-powered ones are great as well.

  • Bar Lenght

The choice of chainsaw that you use can depend on the wood size you’re planning to cut. This will determine the chainsaw bar’s length.

As a rule of thumb, your chainsaw bar should preferably be about two inches longer than the wood’s diameter. You can cut larger wood twice to divide it, but it’s still best that the bar length is longer.

Homeowners generally find that a chainsaw with a length of 14 to 16 inches is good enough for most applications, including many sizes of trees, most firewood, while also being short enough that it can easily be handled.

There are plenty of available options in both types of saws for this bar length.

If you’re cutting down larger trees or wood, consider getting a saw that is 18 to 20 inches in length. They typically will be gasoline-powered chainsaws.

Moreover, if you’re doing heavy-duty cutting, a large gas chainsaw is perfect for it instead of a battery-powered saw, which is convenient but lacks the speed, power, and length necessary.

  • Chains

Different chainsaw chains will work differently. Some will work best for hardwoods, others for softwoods.

Typically, semi-chisel chains and full-chisel chains are suitable for the aforementioned types, respectively.

But one thing to note is that full-chisel chains tend to go dull quicker and are not as safe to use, so this is something you must take note of.

  • Durability

Chainsaws are generally designed to withstand strong vibrations and pressure, but not all chainsaws are equal.

The chainsaw’s maximum durability will depend a lot on what it’s made of, its construction, and materials.

Chainsaws with lots of plastic components are very vulnerable and susceptible to malfunctioning and cracks, so we recommend that you check the manufacturer’s information carefully for any possibility of plastic features.

  • Weight and Handling

These two factors go hand in hand. First, handling is quite a personal factor, in that how comfortable it is can vary from person to person.

Generally, it must feel well balanced to you, comfortable to hold, or else it won’t be able to help you make the most accurate cuts. In addition, without being easily handled, it’s also less safe to use.

A heavier model will be quite difficult to master and can become too heavy to operate.

That being said, a light one generally sacrifices power and other features and might not be able to make the cuts that you want, especially for larger firewood.

So this is something that you must decide for yourself and test out directly.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs)

best chainsaw for firewood

What is the best length to cut firewood?

Typically the standard length for a firewood cut is 16 inches or smaller, but this can depend on the size of your fireplace or wood stove.

Most wood stoves can fit firewood cuts of up to 18 inches as well. Make sure that your cuts are small enough for easy transportation, yet big enough to be effective.

How long should I operate the chainsaw?

This is something that varies and dependent on the assignments. Generally electric ones can operate indefinitely, but this is where power consumption comes to mind.

However, if you need to use a chainsaw for an extended period of time, electric ones are great.

Can you cut wet wood with a chainsaw?

Absolutely, yes. The moisture in wet wood won’t interfere much with the performance. However, you will need to clean the chain more after usage since the sawdust will stick more than dry wood.

Can it be used for splitting wood?

Yes, it can. Make sure that the blade is longer than the wood you’re cutting to allow you enough clearance for a quick, direct cut in a single pass.

Can the chainsaw be transported or carried out?

This depends on the model and the type of chainsaw being used. Battery-powered chainsaws are very portable and can be easily transported, but there are some lighter gas chainsaws as well.

How noisy should the chainsaws be?

Gas powered engines can be very noisy due to their power. Usually this noise can interfere with the work itself, especially if you’re new to cutting firewood.

If you’re a newcomer, electric corded chainsaws or battery ones can do the job while being quieter, allowing you to focus more.


On the way, we’ve provided you with a list of the five we consider the best chainsaws for cutting firewood.

In our favorite, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is the best of them. It’s robust and versatile, with many great features and an excellent build quality for both small and large operations.

It’s a bit heavy but if you can handle it, then you’ve got yourself a chainsaw that can accompany your woodworking for a long time.

We hope that with the information, you can choose a chainsaw that’s best for you.

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