6 Best Chainsaw Bars In 2023 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Chainsaw Bar 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to customizing a chainsaw, nothing much goes beyond the usual sharpening and replacing of the chain when it wears off. In most cases, this is true for most homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

However, for professionals or those who are articulate about their chainsaws, it goes beyond these simple tasks. Using the chainsaw frequently in different setups and spicing things up a little becomes mandatory. One of the parts that you need to customize is the chainsaw bar.

And since it is the part that does the actual work, careful consideration has to be given to it. In case the existing one wears out, or you need additional bars of different lengths, you must insist on the best chainsaw bar.

If you don’t know where to start, then this buying guide will provide you with everything you need to know about chainsaw bars. How to choose one and reviews the best chainsaw bar currently available.

6 Best Chainsaw Bar Reviews

Makita BO5030KOregon 10567120 Inches29 x 0.25 x 5 Inches
BLACK+DECKER Mouse Detail SanderOregon 3927218 Inches29 x 8 x 2 Inches
DEWALT Palm Sander (DWE6411K)Oregon 27850 20 Inches 29 x 5 x 1 Inches
Bosch BDEMS600 Orbital Finishing SanderHusqvarna 53130044020 Inches0.5 x 4.25 x 24.75 Inches
SKIL 7292-02 Palm SanderHusqvarna 53130043818 Inches20 x 2.5 x 0.25 Inches
SKIL 7292-02 Palm SanderSTIHL 3003 008 682120 Inches27 x 4.1 x 0.4 Inches

1. Oregon 105671 20-Inch Replacement Chainsaw Bar and Chain Combo

Oregon 105671 20-Inch

The 20-inch Oregon 105671 chainsaw bar is one of the best bars currently in the market. The design is such that it keeps your chainsaw’s performance in top conditions.

It is one of the options you might consider when looking for a replacement for your current chainsaw bar.

Available in a 20-inch option, this chainsaw bar fits most of the STIHL chainsaw models and a host of other products. At the tip of the bar is a multi-rivet nose which is fit for challenging tasks in your yard while retaining durability.

Within the bar is an Intenz tensioning system used for either tightening or loosening the chain tension as deemed appropriate.

A LubriTec mechanism is put in place to keep both the chain and bar oiled. It’s a feature that would have been useful a couple of years ago when my bar broke due to too much friction. I had forgotten to squirt it with the lubricant from time to time.


  • 20” in length
  • ANSI safety standards
  • 0.063” gauge
  • 0.325” drive sprocket pitch
  • LubriTec oiling
  • Multi-rivet nose
  • Built-in Intenz tensioning
  • Installing is a breeze
  • Compatible with multiple Stihl models
  • Durable construction
  • Corrosion resistant
  • The effective inbuilt tensioning mechanism
  • Easily lubricated
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Meets safety standards
  • Oil port hole clogs in some chainsaw models
  • The drive lines can be too thin and light

2. Oregon 39272 18-Inch Bar & 91VG Chainsaw Blade Combination

Oregon 39272 18-Inch Bar & 91VG

The Oregon 39272 is a chainsaw replacement option for those who own chainsaw models from Poulan, Homelite, and Craftsman. Just like the previous version, it is availed in a combination of the bar and the chain for a complete overhaul of your chainsaw’s cutting system.

All of the components in the package conform to UL, ANSI and ISO standards. This feature gives you an assurance of the safety and durability of the chain and bar.

The bar has a length of 18 inches making it suitable for tackling considerably thick trees on your yard.

With a reversible design, you can change the direction of installation. In the process, you prolong the service life of your chainsaw bar. Cradle-nose sprocket makes for a more superior chain support. Such a configuration is great for increasing the nose life of the bar.


  • Cradle nose
  • Reversible symmetrical design
  • 18” length
  • ANSI 175.1 conformance
  • Chain and bar combo
  • Includes both chain and chainsaw bar
  • Low vibration performance
  • Fits great into other chainsaws
  • Cuts considerably thick limbs
  • Easy to fit onto a chainsaw
  • Finding a perfect fit for your chainsaw takes time

3. Oregon 27850 20-Inch Bar and 70 Link Chain Saw Blade

Oregon 27850 20-Inch Bar and 70 Link Chain Saw Blade

At 20 inches in length, the Oregon 27850 is an ideal choice for that occasional professional and commercial chainsaw uses. The nose of the bar features a multi rivet design for better control and improved durability.

In case you own a Craftsman, Echo, Poulan, McCulloch and any other chainsaw, then this bar could be an option worth considering.

There is this one time I couldn’t find a specific model bar for my Craftsman chainsaw. That’s when I resorted to this chainsaw bar as an alternative.

The bar and chain feature a durable construction that’s great for a longer service life of the bar. Away from the bar, its accompanying 70 link chain has chisel cutters lined on it. These facilitate a smoother cut with minimal kickbacks.


  • 20” long bar
  • 70 link chain
  • 3/8” pitch chain
  • Compatibility with other chainsaws
  • LubriTec lubrication system
  • Small radius nose
  • ANSI B175.1-2012 and CSA Z62.3 standards compliance
  • Low kickback compliant
  • Compatible with a wide variety of chainsaws
  • Easy to maneuver bar
  • Produces low-level vibrations
  • Less burdening to lubricate
  • Capable of handling large tree trunks
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible fitting
  • Tends to be sloppy on some chainsaw brands
  • Not compatible with specific chainsaws

4. Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch FT280-72 Chain Saw Bar

Husqvarna 531300440 20-Inch

The Husqvarna 53100440 is another popular chainsaw bar among professionals. This particular model fits most of the chainsaws such as the 455, 460, 55 Rancher chainsaws.

With a total bar length of 20 inches and a pitch of 3/8 inches, this bar is ideal for cutting considerable thick lumber and wood.

When I am not trimming the trees in my yard, I like to carve out sculptures during my free time. For this task, you need a chainsaw bar with great accuracy. Fortunately, the 53100440 is one of those that you can use.

Reduced vibration capabilities, lightweight structure and a corrosion resistant body are some of the other great features of this product. Reduced weight and vibration mean user fatigue is minimized. Durability too is great for a better value for your money.


  • 20” in length
  • 3/8” pitch
  • 0.50” gauge length
  • Low vibration chain
  • 72 drive links
  • FT-280 bar
  • Great portability
  • Easy to use
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Fits into over eight chainsaw models
  • No technical skills required to install
  • Easily adjusted when need be
  • Professional grade performance

5. Husqvarna 531300438 18-Inch HLN250-72 Pixel Chain Saw Bar

Husqvarna 531300438 18-Inch HLN250-72 Pixel

The timber industry is filled with many great chainsaw bars. Husqvarna 531300438 is one of such bars produced by Husqvarna.

As you are well aware, you need good quality guide bars if your chainsaw chains were to operate as efficiently as you need them to.

Made of a corrosion resistant metal, the bar stays rust-free. It’s a great feature since rust reduces the service life of a chainsaw bar.

The best chainsaw bar needs to stay durable no matter the conditions where you have used it. Its one of the features you could love about this bar.

If you have a high performance and low-vibration chain, then having this chainsaw bar would be a great addition to your collection of DIY tools.


  • Compatible with about seventeen chainsaws
  • 18-inch length
  • 0.325” pitch
  • 0.050” gauge length
  • Minimal vibration
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Limited vibrations
  • Easily powered by most chainsaws due to the reduced length
  • No grease ports to deal with
  • Rust resistant
  • The non-greased sprocket jams
  • Durability is a little questionable
  • Poor quality control

6. STIHL 3003 008 6821 Rollomatic E Laminated Chain Saw Bar, 20-Inch

STIHL 3003 008 6821 Rollomatic E Laminated Chain Saw Bar

The STIHL 3003-008-6821 Rollomatic is a 20-inch-long chainsaw bar that’s one of the best chainsaw bars around in my opinion.

It features a construction from high-grade steel. The benefit of this material is that it makes for a durable and heavy-duty chainsaw bar.

A star-shaped sprocket at the nose of the bar acts as the guide for the chainsaw cutting chain. It makes the bar easy to control and maneuver. Additionally, the sprocket prevents slippage of the chain hence saving you on time.

The design used is that of a three-part setup which is spot welded into a laminated guide bar. Lamination considerably reduces the weight hence user burden and fatigue. These features make the bar appropriate for once in a while users, moderate, and professional users.


  • 20” length
  • Laminated structure
  • Three spot weld
  • High-grade steel
  • Star-shaped sprocket
  • Fit for occasional and professional users
  • High quality steel construction
  • Slip-resistant sprocket
  • Functions great
  • Easy to bolt up
  • Long service life
  • Compatible with an array of STIHL chainsaws
  • Compatibility is still limited
  • Not great for small-sized chainsaws
  • Lamination reduces the strength of the bar

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Chainsaw Bar

There is some sort of confusion when buying a new chainsaw bar. It arises with the inclusion of factors such as gauge length and pitch as the factors to consider. Well, to some extent (if you already have a chain), but they mostly describe the chain and not the bar itself.

The features that should be considered have to be specific to the bar, as it is the one that will be fitted to the chainsaw motor drivetrain.

Chainsaw Bar

1. Bar Length

One of the most important considerations you have to make is the length of the chainsaw length. It is what determines the speed of cutting and diameter of trees, wood, and branches the chainsaw can handle. A shorter bar is quick, while a longer one cuts thicker trees.

You need to, first of all, determine the average size of trees you will be working on, then decide on the bar length that will get the job done.

2. The Type Of Chainsaw You Have

There is a catch to the initial selection criteria. The length of the bar should be actually dependent on the type of chainsaw you intend on fitting the bar onto. Otherwise, a dangerous scenario might arise when you select the wrong bar for your needs.

It is the engine power that determines how much length of chain it can comfortably run should be. Look at it this way, a less powerful chainsaw would struggle with a very long bar. On the other hand, a more powerful saw with a shorter bar would be underutilizing it.

If you have an electric chainsaw which is usually underpowered, then you need relatively shorter bars. About 8-12 inches should work just fine for these. Light duty chainsaws with engine displacements ranging from 30-45, then chain guides 10-14 inches long are good.

From medium to heavy-duty chainsaws, 14-18 inches are great although 20 inches can work too. These include saws with engine displacements of up to 50cc. Lastly, for the most powerful chainsaws owned by professionals (above 60cc), you will need the longest chainsaw bar available.

3. The Weight Of The Bar

Any addition you intend on making to the chainsaw will definitely have an impact on the overall weight of the chainsaw. A heavy chainsaw bar will definitely make the saw heavier than before, making it harder to control as you used to.

The best weight for you is subjective. It depends on what you are comfortable with and what tasks you plan on carrying out with the chainsaw. All in all, you should handle it with ease and not tire easily.

4. Intended Purpose

It is always imperative that you buy a chainsaw that meets your intended needs. Carefully consider what you plan on doing with the tool. After that, select the most appropriate bar for that job.

Tasks such as light duty trimming work, felling a large tree, carving out wood, pruning small planks of wood, and so forth need specific lengths of the bar. If most of the task requires a smaller bar, then choose one. Otherwise, go for a longer chainsaw bar.

5. Brand

This consideration is subjective and differs from person to person. My favorite brand might not necessarily be yours, and so forth. However, there are still some manufacturers who are highly regarded when it comes to making power tools.

Manufacturers such as Stihl, Oregon, Sugihara, and Husqvarna are some of the most highly regarded. Their chainsaw bars are durable, heavy-duty, and compatible with an array of other chainsaws. It is such versatilities that you need to look out for, more so for a professional.


In this chainsaw bar reviews, in my opinion, the Oregon 105671 20-Inch Chainsaw Bar and Chain is the best chainsaw bar.

The 20” length is appropriate for most of the powerful chainsaw out there; it is made in compliance with safety standards and is suitable for felling larger trees.

In addition, it features a symmetrical contour shape which allows for fitting reversibility. The nose sprocket is multi-riveted for durability and better control.

A LubriTec and Tensioning system all adds up to the reasons for the great reviews users have for this product, hence my recommended.

I hope this article has helped you decide on the next chainsaw upgrade you would love to have. A new bar gives your chainsaw newer capabilities and improved performances. As usual, if you have any questions or other recommended, feel free to hit me in the comments section.

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