24 DIY Wood Gun Cabinet Plans To Safety Store Your Guns

Gun Cabinet Plans

For Americans in particular, guns are our most prized possession, as they signify our freedom.

That is why we need the best gun cabinet plans to build worthy storage for our guns.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of guides on gun cabinets available currently. Most of them are either unclear or lacking in vital safety details.

To make it easier and safer for you to build a good gun safe, we have prepared these 24 DIY wood gun cabinet plans.

Let’s start!

1. DIY Gun Cabinet

DIY Gun Cabinet

This project has a unique design for the barrel rest. Instead of the usual two-side design, you will do a U-shape barrel rest.

You can free-hand the barrels’ markings on 3 2x4s, as long as they are an equal distance apart.

After cutting them, attach the 3 pieces and put them into the cabinet. Then, all you need to do is place the gun standing straight onto the barrel rests, and they will stay fixed there.

This design is good for storing a lot of rifles, especially the hunting types, due to their long yet slender bodies.

Project details: instructables.com

2. DIY Rifle Rack Plan

DIY Rifle Rack Plan

While this DIY also focuses on the storage of rifles, its goal is completely different from the first one’s efficient approach.

We consider it as more of a decorative accessory rather than a cabinet for storage, showing off your prized gun collection.

It only has three barrel rests, so the most you can store is 3 hunting rifles. However, each barrel rest has a beautiful curve, so the whole rack is more of an exhibition piece.

You will need to finish 11 steps to finish this project. The most part difficult is cut of side panels. You should use a rotary saw or band saw to cut them.

Project details: wayneofthewoods.com

3. Secret Floating Gun Shelf

Secret Floating Gun Shelf

A hidden weapon is always much more effective than an exhibited one. For this reason, anyone who is serious about defending their house will appreciate this floating gun safe.

Its core concept is hidden in plain sight, serving as a regular floating shelf with practically no hinge or hardware exposed.

The internal hinges are all on the front, so displayed items stay in place whenever you access the hidden content.

Project details: diyeasycrafts.com

4. Reclaimed Pallet Gun Shelf

Reclaimed Pallet Gun Shelf

This reclaimed pallet gun shelf is among the most basic of projects. After all, you only need to build a rectangle frame, line pallet slats into this frame and add in some hooks.

Its main hype comes from the artistic tree pattern in the center. To give this pattern a 2.5D feel, you first draw it, then sand everything around it down with a Dremel tool.

Project details: instructables.com

5. Field Rifle Rack

Field Rifle Rack

All the projects above, we have shown you have been either efficient, beautiful, or useful, but they are all immobile. The field rifle rack is on a whole different level, as it offers unthinkable portability.

Yes, it is foldable into a suitcase, weighing only a few pounds and measuring just 2-3/4″ x 10″ x 29″. In its unfolded form, it can hold as many as 8 rifles or shotguns at once.

Project details: billpounds.com

6. Jack’s Furniture Gun Cabinet

DIY Gun Cabinet Plans

We are quite impressed with the customizability that Jack’s gun cabinet plan offers. Also, you can use them as a showcase for your gun collection.

You can either follow the instruction to a tee to obtain a 72″ x 32″ x 17″ behemoth or configure it to fit your situation.

Due to all the details available in the plan, you can easily scale things according to the measurements of your available space.

Project details: jacksfurnitureplans.com

7. Wooden Gun Rack

Wooden Gun Rack

The rack itself is not that much different from the DIY Rifle Rack, as they make use of the same gun rest style. Nonetheless, this plan offers you additional storage with a compartment below the rack.

You can use this cabinet to either store ammo or pistols, as they cannot fit the rack. Place some doorknobs and hinges to ensure easier opening and closing of the cabinet’s doors.

Project details: instructables.com

8. Picture Frame Gun Safe

Picture Frame Gun Safe

The core concept of this project is the same as the Secret Floating Gun Shelf, but it’s much more concealed and elegant.

You will be making use of a double pivoting hinge design to move the picture frame in and out of position. But, this design just uses to hide a small gun.

Project details: diyeasycrafts.com

9. Amish Inspired Wood Gun Cabinet

Amish Inspired Wood Gun Cabinet

The Amish are known to be among the best people with a hunting rifle. It’s only natural that their gun storing methods would also be better than most. That is why we prepare this Amish-style gun cabinet.

It has 3 drawers, each with a slider mounted to the cabinet’s back and lower front support. The spacing between them is approximately the same as that between the top supports, allowing for smoother sliding operations.

Project details: thedesignconfidential.com

10. Firearm Display Cabinet

Firearm Display Cabinet

This unique cabinet doesn’t just allow you to store your prized firearms in a secure and convenient place. It also provides a glow-up to the weapons while they are in storage, making them even more eye-catching.

The secret lies with the upper and lower cases, which let you install low-voltage, 20-watt halogen lamps.

Besides, the below lower case has two drawers that allow you additional space to store such as ammunition or other items.

Project details: popularmechanics.com

11. Pallet Gun Cabinet

Pallet Gun Cabinet

If you are under a budget, we believe that this project is the perfect plan for you. After all, its main material is recycled wood from pallets, which you can get almost for free.

The whole cabinet can be built by lining and fixing the pallets’ slats together. The most challenging part is cutting the gun rest, for which you can either enlist the help of a machine or simply free-hand.

Project details: wilsonsandpugs.blogspot.com

12. Handyman Tips’ DIY Gun Cabinet

DIY Gun Cabinet

The selling point of this gun cabinet for us is how customizable it is. Instead of cutting gun rests beforehand, you will be making a huge, rectangular center display from wood.

You can then put on hooks according to the size and types of the guns you have on hand.

For example, if you only have pistols, you can set a series of small hooks. On the other hand, place 2 big and sturdy wooden holders reasonably far from each other to store big guns like a sniper rifle.

And when you welcome new members to your weapon collection, you can easily place more hooks to store them.

Project details: handymantips.org

13. Cedar Gun Cabinet

Cedar Gun Cabinet

There is an attractive look and a rustic charm. This gun cabinet is the first one on this list to make use of cedarwood as the main material.

Thanks to this choice, it is a whole lot more durable and long-lasting than any other shelf that you have seen until now.

Moreover, the nature of cedarwood also means that you don’t need to invest in a gun-safe dehumidifier.

Project details: s3.amazonaws.com

14. DIY Free Rifle Rack Plan

DIY Free Rifle Rack Plan

We believe that this rifle rack plan is the most friendly on the material front. You don’t need any more than 2 pieces of 1″ x 6″ x 8″ boards and 1 1/4″ x 7″ x 21″ panel of plywood.

Of course, the price to pay is that it is among the smallest of the full-size weapon racks here.

You can place most 3 hunting rifles on its weapon rest. Also, it has an additional shelf to store handguns and ammunition at the bottom.

Project details: woodworkingcorner.com

15. Addam Holder’s Pallet Gun Cabinet

Pallet Gun Cabinet

We call this one a dual-cabinet, not only for gun storage but also for other equipment. Not many people have more than 6 guns, so investing too much space is not a good idea.

As its left side is for gun storage, there will be a wood template of gun rests. The cabinet’s right side will be for hunting clothes, shells, and boots storage, so we place it in a hanging dowel rod.

Project details: hometalk.com

16. Secret Coffee Table Gun Storing

Secret Coffee Table Gun Storing

Both the Secret Floating Gun Shelf and Hidden Picture Frame Gun Safe share the same weakness of storage capacity as we have talked above.

That is not the case with this project, as it can hide 6 rifles and 6 pistols at once without sacrificing any concealment capability.

Also, its locking mechanism on the side trim is simple yet incredibly effective. All you need to do is pull the 3-inch pins out to unlock and put it back in to lock.

Project details: instructables.com

17. Wall Gun Cabinet With Hidden Keypad

Wall Gun Cabinet With Hidden Keypad

It’s still possible for people to guess that the coffee table is a secret gun safe. Nonetheless, we doubt anyone can think the same with a mirror.

With this project, you will cut a hole in your walls, place the cabinet in and hide it with a full-body mirror.

To improve secrecy and safety, you can place a solenoid lock controlled by a hidden keypad that only you know of.

Project details: instructables.com/

18. Modern Trophy Gun Case

Modern Trophy Gun Case

This plan looks similar to the Firearm Display Cabinet, but its inside is completely different, being completely modernized.

The building process is also much easier due to it using new techs like biscuit and pocket-hole joineries.

This cabinet is the only one to sport a touch control panel that is completely operated by a computer. The panel and the spring load mechanism mean that you can open the cabinet with only one touch.

Project details: extremehowto.com

19. Standing Gun Rack

Standing Gun Rack

This rack is among the simplest gun cabinet plans to build on this whole list. It consists of only 2 parts, the barrel rack, and the base.

The base is made from 1 28×10 board and 2 36×10 panels. The barrel rack has 1 28×6 board with 6 2-1/2-inch holes. Each one is 4 inches apart. If you are afraid of the gun sliding, you can add some cleats to the rack’s base.

Project details: instructables.com

20. Secret Compartment Mirror

Secret Compartment Mirror

If you have watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith before, we know for sure that you love the way they hide their weapons.

Well, you don’t need to be envious anymore, as this project will help you build the film’s secret mirror gun safe.

The most vital part is, of course, how to hide. You will be using a 2-piece door, hiding the gap between the 2 pieces with a grid of mirrors. No one will be able to figure it out unless you tell them.

Project details: sawdust2stitches.com

21. Free Gun Cabinet – My Outdoor Plans

Free Gun Cabinet - My Outdoor Plans

This plan is perfect for people who are new to DIY in general and woodworking in particular.

It does not require you to prepare premium material, it is fairly simple to make. You can adjust its size easily or stain it with your favorite.

You should not underestimate its end result, though, as the finished cabinet is both roomy and elegant. It also has a top compartment to store ammo and other necessities.

Project details: myoutdoorplans.com

22. Gun Cabinet Coffee Table

Gun Cabinet Coffee Table

The Secret Gun-Storing Coffee Table, while convenient and cool-looking, must be built from scratch.

On the other hand, this plan lets you repurpose your existing coffee table to a hidden gun safe.

You will separate the usual front drawer into 2 parts; one is still the regular drawer, and another serves as the hidden drawer in the back for the storage gun. You can save quite a bit from the material budget as a result.

Project details: furniture.lovetoknow.com

23. Hidden Picture Gun Storage

Hidden Picture Gun Storage

A huge issue that most gun cabinet plans hidden behind pictures face is the damage to the wall from their operations.

That is no longer a problem with this project, thanks to its clever bracket design.

Instead of the usual mounting practice, you will be using a drill bit 1-3/8″ in width. Only drill it in with a depth of 3/4″. Doing so will create a perfect circle inlay around the bracket. Opening and closing are much more flush.

Project details: diyprojects.com

24. Custom Rifle Rack

Custom Rifle Rack

If you already have an unused cabinet, you can make use of the custom rifle rack to turn it into a perfectly functional rifle cabinet.

Of course, the first thing you need to take the cabinet’s dimensions and pick materials accordingly.

Then, you assemble a simple box from 4 boards, install the buttock and barrel rests. Set the barrel rest’s height dependent on the length of your shortest rifle.

We think this project is quite easy, as you don’t even need to build a cabinet, just the internal parts.

Project details: instructables.com

Final Thoughts

With this article, we have introduced you to 24 of the most interesting gun cabinet plans.

Each plan has a special characteristic, ensuring that they are worthy of a place on our list. Some are easier to do, some are more exquisite, and some have newer techs.

We hope that you will find a project interesting through my list and start building a new gun cabinet or gun rack right away.

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