23 DIY Studio Desk Plans You Can Build Today

diy studio desk plans

Building a DIY studio desk sounds exciting until you get down to acting on it.

You might need to consider a bunch of things such as your style, working purposes, woodworking skills, available space, and budget, etc.

You might feel a little lost now. Thankfully, we gathered the 23 great DIY studio desk plans for your reference.

We hope you can find at least one or two ideas that fit your taste.

1. Reclaimed Wood DIY Studio Desk

Reclaimed Wood DIY Studio Desk

Feel free to place any hardware on this desk as reclaimed wood is harder than the customary type. But what really makes it stand out is the legs made of steel pipes instead of conventional wood.

This solid building allows it to withstand more weight but doesn’t sacrifice its portability, thanks to the integrated casters.

Project details: simplifiedbuilding.com

2. Block of Joy’s DIY Studio Desk

DIY Studio Desk

The Block of Joy introduced the idea of making a studio desk from inexpensive materials such as birch plywood, redwood lattice strips, polyurethane finish, etc.

The design is quite interesting. Rather than building a straight desk, you can combine two desk’s segments with a tilted angle.

You will not only save room space, but your desk also looks stylish with the zig-zag glued patterns.

Project details: blockofjoy.com

3. DIY Music Studio Desk By Claritone Audio

The desk’s structure looks complicated at first since you will have to make 2 rack spaces on 2 sides to put your acoustic panels that are accessible from your sweet spots.

But everything will be on the right track if you make accurate measurements. All things to prepare are four MDF panels, eight wood pieces, the bamboo or wood countertop, and woodworking tools, and you are good to go.

4. Simple And Cheap Studio Desk

Simple And Cheap Studio Desk

If you have a small bedroom, you will want to try out a mounting studio desk. This project turns out as a floating shelf that saves you a lot of space.

You can drill two rails directly on the wall and screw the desktop consoles in place. In the end, a LED strip put above the desk to light up your working space at night is a good addition.

Project details: instructables.com

5. Minimalist Bedroom Studio Desk

Minimalist Bedroom Studio Desk

For those who desire a modern look for your room, a black-on-white studio desk is a fantastic theme.

Moreover, you do not need to know any woodcutting techniques. All parts of these studio desks can be bought online, such as the corner shelf, drawer unit for your PC, a white IKEA desk, two speaker stands, and the monitor stand.

Do not skip the LEDs to produce lightness at night. We would recommend a white RGB strip under the desk to highlight your minimalist style.

Project details: promusicproducers.com

6. DIY Output Platform Desk With Angled Racks

This is a 3-level foldable desk that has many racks to support your music gear. The main level is often narrow, but it can still accommodate some MPCs comfortably.

But the best part is the angled 3-story rack that allows easy access to knobs and cables. Also, you can push the last level rack in and out so that your workspace will look neat and decluttered.

However, we have to say that the platform desk often has many parts, and it is hard to build.

7. DIY Recording Studio Desk

DIY Recording Studio Desk

Suppose you have many music gear and want them to be at hand every time; you can refer to this recording studio desk, as it does have room for your keyboard with the L-shaped design.

Simply, you have the main desk with many boards and drawers for the PCs, speakers, etc., and an additional section on the side for your full-key keyboard.

The whole desk looks quite complex, but you will find the task as easy as other DIY desks once you draw the plan.

Project details: imgur.com

8. DIY Output Platform Music Studio Desk By Extralife

Also inspired by the convenient Output Platform Desk as we intro above. Extralife shares complete instructions to build your DIY music studio desk with several cuts and measurements.

The only difference is that in this project, you don’t have to cut out on the desk’s top for the gear to go through. Instead, you will use 2 dividers to make the 3-story rack, which is simpler to do.

9. Two-Level Desk DIY

Two-Level Desk DIY

The two-level desk floating in the middle of your music room is a good idea to highlight your interior without handling messy cords.

All the cord management is under the desk and hidden behind an extensive front panel.

When people come into your room, all they can see are the two levels: The higher one is for some books, a lamp, or small plants, and the main surface is large enough to spread out will computers, planners, binders, and notebooks. You also can sort with anything suitable for your work.

Project details: grayhousestudio.com

10. DIY Studio Desk (Output Platform)

This desk can be quite heavy since the woodworker has used double wood pieces on the legs and the tabletop. It is a good idea if you have many musical gears.

Some other creative ideas are the easy-to-make round hole for cables rather than the common square or rectangle ones and the round-edged cutouts in the keyboard tray. So you can comfortably bash your knees against them.

Moreover, you will use the wooden strips rather than any slides on the keyboard tray’s sides. That way, the keyboard sits in place, ready to use whenever you push it out.

11. Studio Desk With Sizable Racks

Studio Desk With Sizable Racks

This is a simple plan that helps you build your DIY studio desk easier and faster by crafting one-by-one parts and gluing them together for the entire unit.

Accordingly, you will get started with the two equal side racks out of Birch plywoods. Measure a monitor platform in between.

By making the platform the last, you can freely decide whether it is small or big, based on your available workspace and the number of gears.

Project details: imgur.com

12. DIY Studio Desk With 5 Rack Sections

For a large music gear unit, we would suggest building the DIY studio desk with multiple rack sections, meter bridge, and armrest – like this one made by True Sound Studios.

You’ll be surprised knowing that this desk has no flat surface but 5 different compartments below the tabletop. All instruments and tools are available at your fingertips.

A small note is that the frame should be strong to support all gear, and it is better to double up the pipe.

13. Ultimate DIY Home Studio Desk By Creative Sauce

This video will show you how to build your own home studio desk. The desk makes from hardwood and features a keyboard tray, two shelves, and a place to hang headphones.

The build is simple and straightforward, with each part being painted or varnished separately before being assembled.

There are a few extra features that can add, such as channels to accommodate LED lighting or a place to attach a microphone or desk arm.

With a little bit of effort, you can have your very own custom-made home studio desk.

14. DIY Studio Desk – Eric’s Project

DIY Studio Desk - Eric’s Project

This studio desk is inspired by the adjustable pipe desk of the Tinktube – so rather than cutting and gluing wood pieces, you can buy tubes, tabletop and T-cutters online to install your unit.

You have to assemble and screw every component tightly to secure your music gear in place when you pull it in and out. Moreover, frequent maintenance is required to prevent rust or friction.

Project details: tinktube.com

15. DIY New Studio Desk By Larry Marrs

Let’s refer to how Larry Marrs updated his studio desk, and you will learn many valuable tips.

We like the idea that all available racks are simple but spacious so that they can accommodate your large gear such as Yamaha 16 channel boards, gears, compressors, etc.

There is a sliding shelf on the side so that you can save more spacing when you are not at work.

16. DIY Studio Desk By Rock Science

DIY Studio Desk By Rock Science

The idea of RockScience is to transform the ordinary office desk into a studio desk with external racks. It has 16u of rack spaces above and another 16u below the desk.

The tabletop is in between the two side racks and the computer monitors sit on a different bridge that is lower than the surface of the desk. With this design, you have a more spacious viewing angle and sound field.

Project details: rockscience.net

17. Recording Studio Desk

 Recording Studio Desk

For those who are a fan of adventurous films, they might fall in love with this spaceship-styled studio desk.

There are two boards on the side, like the spaceship’s front windows, and you can complete the desk with some push-button LED lights and a monitor section in the center.

Project details: playingwithgear.com

18. DIY Studio Console

DIY Studio Console

Lastly, this studio desk is helpful if you are looking for custom-made consoles for your recording mixer and control.

The most interesting part for us is the armrest. It sits on the console with a foam where you can rest your arms comfortably at work. It is your preference to use medium-soft or soft foam.

The backup compartments on the two sides are also convenient. You only have to take the top pieces off to replace a new one if needed.

Project details: timsaudiocorner.wordpress.com

19. DIY Studio Desk Using Plank Wood

20. Homemade Studio Desk DIY

Homemade Studio Desk DIY

If you’re looking for a simple and stylish way to create a home studio desk, this desk is a great option.

It is made up of two shelves and a tabletop. The shelves are easy to assemble, and the whole desk can stain or paint to match your decor.

This desk has some great features, like a sliding pullout keyboard tray and there’s plenty of shelving for all your equipment.

Project details: imgur.com

21. DIY Studio Desk From Pallet Wood

This DIY studio desk makes from a wood pallet and some plywood. The pallet is disassembled and the pickets use to frame the desktop.

The legs are assembled and attached. In addition to using pallets, you will also need galvanized steel pipes for the side support of the desk.

Then, the desk is painted or given any other desired finishing touches. This desk is a great option for those looking for an affordable studio desk.

22. DIY Music Production Desk

DIY Music Production Desk

The desk is made up of four main parts: the top, the two supports, the legs and the keyboard drawer

The top makes of pine and is stained a dark color. The supports are made of plywood and are stained a light oak color. The legs are also make of plywood and are finished with a clear varnish.

With all the varnishing complete, the desk is assembled in position, attaching the top to the supports by screws.

The final stage is to attach a support bar to the underside of the desk to add strength, and the two legs that support the keyboard drawer.

Project details: keithstead.com

23. Budget Studio Desk By Zach Wirchak

In this video, the author shows you how to make a studio desk for around $100.

The table is from Ikea and was modified with command strips and a power strip to provide ample space and cable management.

This desk is a great way to save space in your studio, and it provides plenty of room for your keyboard, mouse, and other equipment.

It also provides good cable management options to keep everything tidy and organized.

Overall, this is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and functional studio desk.

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