30 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

DIY Halloween Wreath

Halloween is a great time to get creative and have some fun with your decorations.

These 30 DIY Halloween wreath ideas are perfect for adding a bit of spooky and fun style to your home.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, there is sure to be a project here that you will love.

So get crafting and make your home ready for this Halloween!

30 DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

1. DIY Simple Halloween Wreath

DIY Simple Halloween Wreath

This easy Halloween wreath can make in a short time with supplies from the dollar store.

The crows perched on the wreath give a spooky touch, and it’s a great way to add a little bit of Halloween decor to your home without going overboard.

Also, you can consider adding some cheap net. This will help to round out the space and give your Halloween wreath an extra bit of personality.

Project details: twelveonmain.com

2. DIY Black Crow Halloween Wreath

DIY Black Crow Halloween Wreath

Halloween is a time for spooky fun and decorations. This year, you should try adding a black crow wreath to your front door to welcome guests. This is the perfect spooky decoration for your front door.

To make the wreath, you start by spray painting a grapevine wreath with black paint.

Once the paint is dry, add some glittery floral stems to the sides of the wreath. Hot glue a black crow in the bottom of the wreath, and add a bow to the top.

Project details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

3. DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

This is an easy and cute Halloween witch wreath made with fabric strips and a wooden plaque.

To make this wreath, simply wrap fabric around a wreath form and hot glue into place. You can then paint the plaque in a coordinating color and write out “The Witch is In!” using a permanent marker.

You can also add some finishing touches to the wreath, like a witch headband and feathers. Finally, tie a bow with white ribbon and hang.

Project details: lollyjane.com

4. Creepy Crawly Chevron Halloween Wreath

Creepy Crawly Chevron Halloween Wreath

This Halloween, get into the spooky spirit with a creepy crawly chevron wreath. This easy project can complete in just a few simple steps and doesn’t require any expensive materials.

First, cover a foam wreath form with strips of chevron fabric, securing them in place with pins. Then, embellish the wreath with spiders and spiderweb netting, and finish with some ruffled white fabric.

Voila – a festive and fun Halloween decoration that is both cute and creepy!

Project details: makinghomebase.com

5. Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath

Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath

This is a really cute and easy pinecone wreath that can turn into a Halloween monster wreath.

It make from a foam wreath form, pinecones, and black marker. You will need green spray paint, white foam board, hot glue gun, and ribbon.

The wreath is decorated with painted pinecones, eyeballs, teeth, and bow tie. It can hang on your front door to greet guests.

Project details: craftaholicsanonymous.net

6. Easy DIY Spider Wreath for Halloween

Easy DIY Spider Wreath For Halloween

The spider wreath is a great way to add some festive spookiness to your home. The wreath makes from a white berry wreath and white spider web, and is decorated with small black plastic spiders.

Plus, when Halloween is over, you can take off the spiders and reuse the wreath for Thanksgiving.

Project details: pinkpeppermintdesign.com

7. Halloween Skull Wreath

Halloween Skull Wreath

This Skull Wreath is super easy and inexpensive to make, and it looks great! The skulls are easy to find at Dollar Tree, and the wire and ribbon are also very affordable.

You just need to hot glue the skulls together, add some ribbon, and hang it up! It’s great addition spooky to your Halloween decorations this year.

Project details: triedandtrueblog.com

8. Easy DIY Halloween Mummy Wreath

Easy DIY Halloween Mummy Wreath

If you’re looking for a quick and easy decoration to make, you will like this mummy wreath. It takes only 10 -15 minutes to put together and it’s cute!

The wreath is made out of straw and is wrapped in cheesecloth with googly eyes peeking out. You can either secure the fabric with hot glue or leave it unglued so it’s easy to take off and re-use.

Project details: prettyprovidence.com

9. Easy Mesh Halloween Wreath

Easy Mesh Halloween Wreath

This guide will show you how to make a fabulous Halloween wreath using a work wreath form, tinsel sprigs, and ribbon.

The first step is to attach the ribbon to the wreath form. Start on the inside ring and go around the form using 3 pieces of ribbon at a time. Make sure to attach them securely with tinsel sprigs.

Alternate between the outer and inner rings as you go. Don’t pull the ribbon too tight.

Once you have attached all the ribbon, it’s time to add the accents. Cut a few 12″ pieces of each type of ribbon and pinch them together in the middle. Secure them to the wreath with tinsel sprigs.

Add a set of ribbons everywhere you attached the first round of ribbon.

When adding these pieces over the top of the ribbon, you are sure to twist the sprigs in the same direction as with the first ones. Then add some large glittery picks all around the wreath to fill in any empty spots.

Project details: lollyjane.com

10. Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath

Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath

Halloween is a time for spooks and scares, and there’s no better way to welcome your guests than with a skeleton hands Halloween wreath.

This project is simple and easy to make and can be done with materials from the dollar store.

First, find some severed hands (or similar) at the store and paint them black. Once they’re dry, adhere them to a chalkboard sign with some strong glue.

Add your own personalized message to the center of the sign, and you’re ready to go!

Project details: triedandtrueblog.com

11. DIY Halloween Spooky Spider Web Wreath

DIY Halloween Spooky Spider Web Wreath

Making a Halloween spider web wreath is a spooky and easy way to get into the spirit of the season. It is easy to make and does not take a lot of time.

You will need a grapevine wreath, wooden/MDF letters (as “BOO”), a large spider, black spray paint, a paint brush, orange craft paint, floral wire or hot glue gun, and white yarn.

The spider web is the star of the show, and you can change to black if necessary. The letters can paint in any color, and the spider can also paint.

Project details: chickenscratchny.com

12. Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Halloween Ribbon Wreath

The Halloween Ribbon Wreath is a fun and easy project that you can make.

All you need is a 7” embroidery hoop, assorted wired ribbon in different colors and designs, sewing shears, and embellishments like tassel ghosts.

You cut each piece of ribbon into 18” sections, then fold in half and knot at the back of the hoop.

Alternate colors and patterns of ribbon as you go, cutting the ends into a “v” when you’re done. Embellish with a bow or other items as your desired.

Project details: positivelysplendid.com

13. DIY Spider Web Halloween Wreath


This wreath is great to add a bit of spooky and glittery to your décor.
You will need: a glitter wreath form, fabric flowers, spider web decoration, Halloween picks, Spanish moss, and ribbon.

First, you hot glue Spanish moss to the wreath form. Add Halloween picks/sprays on top of the moss. Next, add fabric flowers to the bottom.

Finally, add a ribbon through the top and glue your spider web decoration to the back. The wreath will impress your guests!

Project details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

14. How To Make A Mesh Wreath For Halloween

How To Make A Mesh Wreath For Halloween

Let’s add a little spooky decoration to your front door with this mesh wreath! It’s pretty easy to do.

You will need a mesh wreath frame, mesh, wired ribbon, and eyeball ornaments. The frame will come with attached pipe cleaners that you will twist around the mesh in a circle.

You can leave as much or as little mesh between the twist ties as you like. Once you have covered the top and bottom rows, you can embellish the wreath with ribbon and eyeball ornaments.

Project details: polkadotchair.com

15. DIY Halloween Candy Wreath

DIY Halloween Candy Wreath

Making a candy wreath is a fun and cheap way to add some festive decoration to your home this Halloween.

You will need a foam wreath, some ribbon, and a glue gun. Mark where you want each color of candy to go on the wreath with a Sharpie, then start gluing them on.

You can use any type of candy you want, but you should use inexpensive mints from the party supply store. Once the wreath is finished, tie a double layer of ribbon around it and hang it up!

Project details: thehandcraftedlife.blogspot.com

16. How To Make A Halloween Wreath

How To Make A Halloween Wreath

A grapevine wreath is perfect for a spooky, nature-inspired look. You’ll also need artificial cobwebs, small birds, fake bugs, extra wire, dried florals or pods, and ribbon.

You may also want to paint some of the accessories black for a more monochromatic look.

Start by adding the cobwebs to the grapevine wreath. Then add the larger items like the birds, playing with their positioning before you weave them into the wreath.

Next, add any finishing touches like oversized bugs or sprigs of dried flowers. Finally, finish with a ribbon and style as desired.

Project details: thesprucecrafts.com

17. Halloween Grapevine & Ribbon Wreath

Halloween Grapevine & Ribbon Wreath

This grapevine and ribbon wreath can make in less than 30 minutes.
The best part is that it is extremely versatile and can adapt for any holiday or season.

You can change the colors and design of the ribbon to match your needs, and the felt pennant can personalize with a letter or phrase of your choosing.

Project details: oldsaltfarm.com

18. Creepy Skeleton Skull Wreath

Creepy Skeleton Skull Wreath

The wreath makes from a grapevine wreath, foliage, skeleton groundbreakers, and fabric. The fabric is tied around the wreath and skull and arms are attached.

It is elegant, but also very scary, and is sure to frighten your neighbors.

Project details: madeinaday.com

19. Glittery Spiders and EEK Wreath DIY

Glittery Spiders And EEK Wreath DIY

This easy, cheap, and spooky Halloween decoration is perfect for anyone with a case of arachnophobia! It’s perfect for your front door.

All you need is a straw wreath, some black spray paint, some glittery spiders, white yarn, and some hot glue.

First, give your straw wreath a coat of black spray paint. Once it dries, roughen it up a bit to show the straw color underneath. Then glitter up your spiders. If you want, you can also glitter the word “eek.”

Next, cut out the word “eek” from some foam core board or cardboard using an x-acto knife and adhere it to the wreath with hot glue.

Finally, attach strings of white yarn to the wreath with hot glue and put big glittery spiders all around it. Your Halloween wreath is now complete!

Project details: dreamalittlebigger.com

20. Make A Spooky Halloween Spider Web Wreath

Make A Spooky Halloween Spider Web Wreath

If you’re looking for an easy Halloween decoration idea, look no further than this spooky spider web wreath. You can make it in less than an hour, and it’s sure to impress your guests.

To make this wreath, you will need a white styrofoam wreath, a roll of white tulle, a spider web with spiders, polyfil stuffing, a glue gun, and tape or small nails.

Project details: thetiptoefairy.com

21. Boo-yah! Cute Ghosties Embroidery Hoop Art

Cute Ghosties Embroidery Hoop Art

Embroidery hoop art is a fun, easy way to add some personality to your home décor for Halloween. This wreath is quite cute.

The ghosts are playful and the spider doesn’t look too scary. The pom pom border adds a fun touch. The project is easy to stitch up, even if you’re just starting out with embroidery.

Project details: flamingotoes.com

22. DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

DIY Halloween Witch Wreath

This witch wreath is a fun project that is perfect for Halloween. You will need a wire wreath frame, black and purple tulle, Halloween socks, a small craft witch’s hat, stuffing, ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

You start by wrapping the wire frame with black tulle. Leave the top open and attach the small witch’s hat. Stuff socks with stuffing or crunched up paper and glue to the back of the frame.

Next, glue a ribbon to the top of the witch’s hat. Finally, you tie loops of ribbon on the back of the frame to hang it up.

Project details: redefinedmom.com

23. DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Wreath

DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Wreath

The wreath makes with a grapevine wreath, fake rubber cockroaches, fake witch hand, wreath hanger, hot glue gun, and glow in dark spray paint.

The wreath is quick and easy to make, and it even looks pretty cool during the day when it’s not glowing. The best part is, if you wait until nighttime, the bugs will glow in the dark.

Your friends and family will love this spooky addition to your home for Halloween!

Project details: practicallyfunctional.com

24. DIY Halloween Chevron Wreath

DIY Halloween Chevron Wreath

This guide will show you how to make a Halloween chevron wreath using three of your favorite things: chevron, bakers twine, and glitter.

First, you wrap the fabric around the wreath form and hot glue it in place. Then, use hot glue to attach bakers twine to the wreath.

Then, you pull the twine tight before cutting out bats with a Silhouette or punch them out with a punch. Glitter the bats and then hot glue them to the twine.

Finally, hang your wreath with some ribbon or chevron fabric strips.

Project details: tatertotsandjello.com

25. Sparkly Skulls Halloween Wreath

Sparkly Skulls Halloween Wreath

This project is a bit time-consuming, but it’s worth it in the end. All you need is an electric knife (to make cutting the styrofoam easier), some black feather boas, wire, black gauze, mini lights, and sparkly skulls.

You start cutting out a large outer circle and a smaller inner circle from styrofoam. Wrap the black feather boas around the wreath, using wire to secure them in place.

Then, you clip away some of the feathers to create a larger opening in the centre of the wreath if needed.

If you want to add more decoration, randomly cut small pieces of black gauze and pin them in place. Finally, add the sparkly skulls and mini lights. Hang it on your door and enjoy!

Project details: theartofdoingstuff.com

26. Halloween Wreath With Creepy Crows

Halloween Wreath With Creepy Crows

You can make this wreath by using a cardboard form, hot glue, and wire cutters to cut the legs off of some fake crows.

Once the crows are glued on, use red nail polish to paint their eyes and black glitter to add shimmer.

Lastly, add a trick-or-treat bag with the word “BEWARE” to warn visitors about the crows.

This wreath will add a touch of creepiness to your Halloween decorations!

Project details: celebrateanddecorate.com

27. Easy Halloween Wreath

Easy Halloween Wreath

The wreath is made by wrapping fabric around a wreath form, and then adding a laser cut-out in the shape of a trick or treat.

It can easily hang with a piece of ribbon attached to the top. This is a festive and easy way to decorate for Halloween.

Project details: letsdiyitall.com

28. Felt Flower Halloween Wreath

Felt Flower Halloween Wreath

The wreath makes out of felt flowers, which can color to match any season. The orange felt roses are great for fall holidays as Halloween or Thanksgiving.

This wreath is affordable and easy to make. The Boo sign and bats add a fun touch to the wreath.

Project details: livinglocurto.com

29. DIY Halloween Fire Wreath

DIY Halloween Fire Wreath

In a burst of creative inspiration, this is a Halloween fire wreath that mimics the illusion of smoldering flames.

You will craft a piece that truly stands out using simple materials like a wire wreath form, orange LED lights, expanding foam, and plastic skulls and bones.

Unlike typical Halloween wreaths, this one incorporates clever use of texture and lighting to create a captivating, eerie effect.

Once completed, the wreath not only adds a one-of-a-kind, spooky ambiance to your home but also showcases your creativity and ingenuity.

Project details: thenavagepatch.com

30. Gothic Halloween Wreath

Gothic Halloween Wreath

This project shows on how to make a creepy but pretty Halloween wreath. You will need a foam wreath form, black fabric, lace, trims, white satin, buttons, a small frame for a cameo, and a cameo image

The black fabric gives it a spooky look, and the lace and trim add a touch of elegance. The white satin flowers are a nice touch, and the small frame for the cameo adds a bit of personality.

You can also download the cameo image for free in this project. And if you want to give it a vintage look on flowers, just brush on some tea.

Project details: flamingotoes.com

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