5 Best Felling Axes In 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best felling axe

If you want to cut down trees in the forest, a felling axe is an ideal choice. This excellent tool will simplify the wood cutting process to serve different goals.

Moreover, the best felling axe helps you deal with resinous woods like pine or spruce easier.

You can select a suitable product depending on your purposes, such as chopping big logs, splitting branches, or clearing bushes.

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Best Double Bit Axes – The Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Best Double Bit Axes 2021 – The Ultimate Guide & Reviews

The double bit axe can help you cut wood fast, efficiently and perform multiple tasks. But how to choose the right product?

That’s a question only you can answer. It all depends on your needs, experience level, and budget.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of the best double bit axes that will meet your requirements in one place and a comprehensive guide.

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Splitting Axe vs Maul – Which One Should You Choose?

splitting maul vs axe

You are looking forward to a tool for splitting wood? But wondering between choosing a splitting axe and splitting maul.

The features of splitting axes and mauls have several things in common.

But in reality, they are different tools and should be treated like that. Getting the right choice for the job can make it more efficient and less exhausting.

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